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Mindfulness in Motion

One of my favorite readings comes from Thich Nhat Hanh's book Present Moment, Wonderful Moment (1990). In it he offers various mindfulness verses to apply to our daily chores like brushing our teeth and washing the dishes. If we can stay present especially in simple tasks, we find stillness and peace.

For example, he reminds us that when we drink tea and we are thinking of past events or plans for after tea, we are missing the miracle of the moment. In yoga we harness the mind by focusing on the breath. When we drink tea, we can savor the present by tasting the tea and holding the warmth of the cup in our hands.

Thich Nhat Hanh says, "When our mind and body have become one and we are awake, we are ourselves, and we can encounter the tea. If the tea becomes real, we become real. When we are able to truly meet the tea, at that very moment, life is. As we drink the tea, we are well aware that we are drinking the tea. Drinking tea becomes the most important thing in life at that moment. This is the practice of mindfulness."

He offers this meditation: "This cup of tea in my two hands--mindfulness is held uprightly! My mind and body dwell in the very here and now." Each line is said on the inhale, then the exhale. Give it a try!


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This monthly newsletter--published by me, Monica Paredes, writer and yogi--is created to provide resources to nourish your practice and inspire your spirit. Although my class schedule has shrunk due to my focus on special projects, I would like to stay in touch. Please send an e-mail if there is anything you would like to see featured.

Take Good Care of Yourself
There are many ways to complement your yoga practice. Massage is a treat for sore muscles, and an hour (or more, if you're lucky) of pampering, relaxation and replenishing.

If a massage is out of your budget, check out your local massage school. Here in San Antonio, the Academy for Massage Therapy offers one-hour massages given by students for $25. I find them more effective for relaxation than targeted intensive therapy.

Qigong is another complementary practice and is a combination of controlled breathing, focused concentration, and simple movement. According to the Chinese model, sickness, pain, and other health anomalies are caused when Qi energy is blocked. Qigong exercises remove blocks and increase the flow of energy through your body. When it flows freely, Qi energy heals and restores the body.

I have added several links to these modalities on the new-and-improved Resources page and have even added healthy recipes. Enjoy!


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Yoga, Art and Expression
My new Yoga and Art series begins on March 30, 2004 from 5:30-8 p.m. with a celebration for women. A term described in Dan Brown's novel The DaVinci Code, the sacred feminine speaks of the divine and powerful qualities of women throughout the ages. In this special evening we will practice yoga, focusing on postures that inspire grace, movement and creativity. The practice will be followed by a private museum tour of the "Gilding the Lily" exhibit and concludes with tea and talk.

On April 10, 2004 from 9 a.m. to noon, Jane Goldstein and I will be co-hosting the next series entitled: "In Harmony with Nature" at the McNay Art Museum. After a transformative yoga practice and walking meditation on the museum grounds, we will be treated to a private 45-minute tour of the galleries, witnessing nature and all its splendid colors captured by Impressionist and more contemporary artists.

For more information or to register,


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A Concert to Soothe and Inspire Your Soul
Sun., March 14, 2004
4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
The Yoga Place

Mad Agnes, my favorite Connecticut group, is coming to The Yoga Place in San Antonio. If you're a fan of accomplished instrumentalism and intricate harmonies, this is the band to see... unplugged. Tickets are $15 or $18 at the door. Please join us!

You can hear samples of their songs on their site.


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