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Savoring What You Eat

This holiday, you can relieve your stress levels, feel satisfied and maintain better health by making important changes to your eating habits. One way is to eat whole, fresh foods, staying away from processed foods with empty calories. In addition to nutrients, whole foods contain prana, a life energy, that benefits health and well-being.

Another way is to incorporate the six tastes of Ayurveda to each meal. These include: 1) Sweet: such as brown sugar and rice; 2) Sour: like lemons and cheese; 3) Salt: such as salt and pretzels; 4) Bitter: Leafy greens and turmeric; 5) Pungent: or spicy Spicy-hot foods, such as salsa, ginger and black pepper; and 6) Astringent: Beans and apples

When you experience all six tastes you will feel more satisfied quickly and have greater energy. Want to know more about what these foods do? Read Gabriel Vanloom's article.


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Welcome to our vibrant yoga community. This monthly newsletter serves to provide you with resources to nourish your practice and inspire your spirit.

If you have yoga questions or would like to see a featured topic, let me know. Namaste, Monica Paredes

Yoga Retreat in Italy
Imagine sitting in Easy Pose, overlooking undulating hills of fruit trees, breathing in the fresh air of the serene Italian landscape. After your yoga class and a fresh breakfast, you join your fellow yogis for a tour of architecture in Orvieto or Rome at night.

Others choose to journal or swim by the pool or take a bicycle ride to explore the nearby medieval town. The evenings magically end with a sunset meditation.

This isn't a dream, it's our yoga retreat in Sabina, Italy, led by me! From June 12-19, 2004, experience daily yoga and meditation in a transformational place. There are only 5 spaces left, so reserve your space soon!

Trip details here... 

Simple Gift Ideas

Even with a tight budget, gift-giving can be enjoyable with some imagination and a little creativity. Tap into your intuition to determine what is unique about the individual, then create a theme.

Whether it's assembling a gift package based on the chakras or a favorite movie, having a theme helps to tie it all together. Try the Visshudha or Throat chakra, representing purification and communication. Include a light blue candle, a book of poetry or a journal, a soothing CD and a turquoise stone.

Other ideas include: date night, stress relief, a poem or a coupon book for your personal services. This may require more thought, but the recipient will feel special that you took the time.

Find more yoga gift ideas ;

Some Schedule Changes

On Sunday, December 7th, I'm giving a Shoulder and Neck Release workshop at Racquetball & Fitness (281 Club) at 1:30 p.m.

From December 18 - January 6, I will be away on vacation. If you need to reach me, I will have access to e-mail and will check as often as I can. May you have a peaceful, joyous and healthy holiday!

My teaching schedule ;

A Priceless Experience

When we were married last year, my husband and I agreed that for our anniversary, instead of gifts, we would plan an experience. This past June we learned to make rustic breads at a local cooking school. Pedro has become an expert at making Baps, a Scottish roll.

Next year we are planning on learning Chinese. Just today we read in e-Week that Chinese will be the number 1 language on the Internet by 2005. So instead of learning to speak the language and choosing one of its dialects, we're going to focus on reading it.

Let us know if there's an experience you've found memorable or interesting. We'll share some of them in the next newsletter.

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